Trevor Bechtel is a writer, speaker, consultant, ethicist, and musician with 20 years of professional experience focused in higher education administration and teaching. He is the author of The Gift of Ethics, published in 2014 with Cascade Press. He is a sought after speaker and thinker on a variety of topics, including: internet technologies, the human-animal relationship, ethics and religion. He has released three collaboratively produced compact discs including, Of Every Creature, with Anabaptist Bestiary Project. He has been involved in thinking creatively about information design and educational technologies since 1995.

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  • Encountering Earth

    Encountering Earth: Thinking Theologically with a More-Than-Human World, invites scholars with varying theological, philosophical, and ethical perspectives to address how personal, autobiographical encounters with the planet and its more-than-human inhabitants provide a foundation for shaping their theological understanding of Earth.

  • Of Every Creature

    Of Every Creature is the first full length album by the Anabaptist Bestiary Project; a ten piece alternative rock ensemble under the creative direction of Trevor Bechtel. ABP is a collection of vocal and instrumental musicians from Bluffton University who delve into the artistic and literary heritage of the spirituality of creatureliness. At their most modest they are a college rock band. At their most bold they are striking out a new path for theological reflection on nature and reorienting the religion/science debate by modeling both good theology and good science. They reflect on the things that ethologists and naturalists discover about the world and its creatures and then engage in a theological reflection about the behavior and place of these creatures in the world.

  • The Gift of Ethics

    "Bechtel gently and persuasively draws newcomers to the field of Christian ethics into an understanding of Christian identity and practice, through personal, scriptural, and cinematic stories, along with a small dose of philosophical background and prompts for discussion. In a conversational style, he shows students and church groups how to start to receive and embody a Beatitudes-based life in Christ. The Gift of Ethics is introductory, substantive, and accessible--a rare gift indeed." - Margaret Adam, St. Stephens House, Oxford

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